Attagene is a life science company, located in Research Triangle Park, NC, that has been transforming drug development and toxicity testing since 2001. Attagene has developed and patented a first-of-a-kind technology, FACTORIAL™ that enables high-content assessment of multiple gene regulatory pathways in live cells. A distinct feature of the FACTORIAL™ platform is that it allows simultaneous assessment of multiple endpoints in a single well of cells, thereby eliminating intra-assay variations and producing robust and highly reproducible activity profiles.

Using the FACTORIAL™ platform, we constructed a family of assays that enable quantitative assessments of activities of multiple transcription factors (TFs) and nuclear receptors (NRs) in various cell systems.
  • The TF FACTORIAL™ (a.k.a. cis-FACTORIAL™) assay affords profiling activities of over 90 TFs in human and animal cells.
  • The Multireporter Mouse™ is an embodiment of the TF FACTORIAL™ allowing profiling activities of multiple TFs in the mouse liver.
  • The NR FACTORIAL™ (a.k.a. trans-FACTORIAL) enables assessing agonist/antagonist activities of compounds against all 48 human NRs.
The FACTORIAL™ assays have been extensively validated over the years of research contract work for biopharmaceutical companies, academia, and regulatory agencies. These assays allow for cost-efficient profiling of multiple cell responses to various external stimuli – drugs, environmental chemicals, natural products, etc., thereby generating wealth of information about biological activities of these substances that is unattainable with any other technology.

Having evaluated thousands of various compounds, we discovered robust molecular signatures specifically associated with various biological activities. ATTAGENE now emerges as a drug discovery company that uses its FACTORIAL™ technology and the vast database of signatures to identify novel drug candidates with desirable on-target activities and minimal off-target activities among natural compounds and approved drugs.